Photo Gallery

Before & After GBS, My daughter & I

May 2016 – Learning to write again (my homemade Mother’s Day card)

August 2016 – Tilt Bed at Physical Therapy

3D CT Scan Image showing a healthy hip vs bilateral Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification (NHO) of my hips – the joints are completely encased in bone.

3D CT Scan Images at varying angles showing the bilateral Neurogenic Heterotopic Ossification (NHO) of my hips.

September 2016 – Using the partial weight-bearing harness & ankle weights at physical therapy

October 2016 – In Pre-op before the MUA procedure



My hip joints are fixed in a position which leaves less than 3″ of space separating my thighs & knees. In addition, the lack of muscle function and complete immobility of the joints mean that I am unable to undertake any of the “possible hip movements” necessary to complete everyday task.